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Would you like to be sponsored by Co-Motion Cycles? Of course you would! Unfortunately so would countless others, and we are constantly sent appeals for free stuff. Please respect that we are making these bicycles by hand right here in Oregon. It’s not so easy as it might sound. As you must know, scores of American bicycle manufacturers have given up on manufacturing domestically. If you want a free bike, we encourage you to contact one of the companies who turns them out by the bajilions somewhere in Asia.

How Co-Motion is portrayed through your event/adventure/race, etc. may be an integral portion of our partnership but is by no means solely what we are looking for in your proposal should you choose to submit one. We see creating brand awareness, being an evangelist and documenting your project as a basic responsibility of anyone seeking sponsorship. We do not believe that touring the world and sharing your adventure through a blog, facebook, twitter and youtube is a reason for sponsorship. We are interested in unique ideas that do more than just show the world from the saddle.

Will we give you a free Co-Motion? Unlikely. But, we may be able to help you if you can show us that your goals are more than self-interest, that there is real need, and that the journey you’re taking helps the world to see bicycles in the best possible light.

If you think that you have a project or cause that we should pay particular attention to please email sponsorship@co-motion.com. Please understand that we cannot reply to every sponsorship inquiry. 



Co-Motion Supports

Bicycle Transportation AllianceUS Association of Blind Athletes    

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