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Adam Good

Adam Good, Paint, came to us after a couple of stints building cabins in Alaska and working the bike rental shop at Oregon’s Black Butte Ranch. He likes riding Oregon’s vast network of trails, but you might also spot him on water skis.

Bethany Russell


Bethany, paint,  has some great stories about traveling the US in her youth. Besides turning out superb paint jobs, she is known for her many talents, including some impressive roller derby skating.

Billy Truelove

Billy Truelove has a country star name, but really he’s better at running CNC mills and espresso machines. On a bicycle, he’s been spotted with a backward helmet and platform disco shoes

Bob Westman


Bob, a master craftsman at brazing and finishing, was Co-Motion’s first full time hire. AKA “The Brazen Hussy” he came to us from Austin Texas in 1994. Needless to say, he's a fixture around here. 

Brian Cannon

Looks tough, but he's one smooth character, and that's why we have him in sales. Look out for him on the 'cross circuit with his Co-Motion Demon cyclocross bike, where he's been terrorizing his fellow Co-Motion Factory Team racers.

Clara Terrell

Clara Terrell

 Clara divides her leisure time between music and cycling, and is our newest ace in shipping and assembly. She proved her mettle in several shops in the midwest before landing in Eugene. Try to catch her on oboe in her quintet, or on her road bike at the Oregon Gran Fondo!

Curt Jozwiak


 Whether he's at the lathe or swinging a torch, Curt's deep background in machining and bike fabrication makes him a great guy to have around, and he makes his passion for craftsmanship show in the work he produces.

Dan Vrijmoet - Co-Owner

When he’s not working on shop improvements, tooling, bike designs and workflow, Dan races in the Northwest as a Cat 2 and tries to keep his 3 kids in line.

Doug Leroux

Doug Lerouux

 Doug is a man of few words who lets his work speak for itself, and if you think of it that way, he's never been quiet! With a long history in the bike biz, Doug has been making our shipping department run like a top. 

Dwan Shepard - Co-Owner


In the early days of Co-Motion, Dwan built all of the frames. Now, he can be found designing bikes, answering the phone, or trying to make somebody laugh.

Ethan Stehley


With many years of experience at Rolf Prima and Burley, Ethan can hardly be called a greenhorn around here. Still, he's new to us, so that means he's first to answer the phone in our sales department!

Greg Justice


Greg, Paint & Brazing, has done a lot of work in construction while always keeping his interest in cycling active. We keep throwing new tasks at him, and he seems to keep smiling.

Karl Fredricks


Karl runs our CNC vertical mill and helps with tubing inventory and mitering. He just likes the way the machines sound when they’re making metal fly.

Logan Patterson

Logan at work

Has taken to molding himself into a Co-Motion employee since first applying years ago with no experience. After a stint in shipping here, Logan has now proven himself proficent with a torch in our brazing and finishing department. 

Pete Stasney

Pete, sales & customer support superhero, joined us in October of 2006 and has an extensive bike industry history going back a few decades now...

Stefanie Goodyear

Stefanie, accounting. In spite of the fact that she crunches numbers all day, she always seems to be in good spirits.

Teryk Morris

Has been voted most likely to take a bicycle tour when given a few days off. Teryk started here in shipping, but has moved into fabrication, which he's had his one since day one. 

Zach Stehley

Zach Stehley, Purchasing, knows our inventory inside and out, as well as where it all belongs on a bicycle. When he’s not cycling or fishing, Zach does absolutely stunning Elvis impressions.