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Personalize your Co-Motion with your choice of 30 single-color PPG Global paint finishes at no additional cost on many Co-Motion models (see pricing and specifications for your model of choice). Also available with an up-charge: two- and three-color fades, House of Kolor Pearlescents, panels, and other paint schemes. See model-specific pricing throughout this website for all prices and options. Custom colors and paint schemes are available; please inquire. See examples of paint schemes on our Paint Gallery pages.

Opaque PPG Global System Paint Options

Also known as non-metallic, or solid colors. Strong rich colors for a traditional look.

Metallic And Mica PPG Global System Paints

Tiny metallic or mica particles reflect light and add showroom depth and shine.


Stock colors are PPG Global System finishes. These color images are photos from tubes painted with the real stock colors. However, the actual paints will appear different in person, due to the curved surfaces of the bicycle tubing, light conditions, etc.

House of Kolor Pearlescent Paint Options

Pearl or opalescent particles in the paint add subtle beauty and a distinctive look to your Co-Motion’s finish.


Custom paint up-charges are dependent upon the bicycle model you choose. If you would like to see those options please click on “paint options” next to the model you choose.

Co-Motion Decals

Black Decal Black Outline

Black Decal White Outline

White Decal Black Outline

White Decal White Outline

Black Decal Yellow Outline

Co-Motion Headbadges

Standard Headbadge

Matches the decal package of your choice.

Metal Headbadge

Brushed, Nickel-plated with a classic patina.

Choosing Colors for a Fade Paint Scheme

Our friends Gary and Forest Hale have put together a nifty tool to help in choosing colors for a fade paint scheme, one of our most popular options here at Co-Motion Cycles. The Java applet below simulates the 45 colors above. You may need to download the latest version of Java here to enable this tool. Note the tabs on the top of the tool for each color family. You can’t fade a metallic with an opaque, all fades must be between options within a group. Scroll through the colors and click on a color on the left, then one on the right. You’ll see the result on the “the” above the selections. Keep in mind, this is intended as a helpful tool only, actual results on your bicycle will vary depending on light conditions, etc. Have fun!