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Fitting Guide

pdf Download Fitting Guide, Printer-friendly, one page (Adobe pdf)

The downloadable fitting guide above provides the essential information that we need to assist you with the fit of any Co-Motion bicycle. Whether you are ordering a tandem, road bike or a touring bike in custom or standard sizing, complete information is needed to help your dealer and us to make a good recommendation.

We recommend checking with your Co-Motion dealer before completing our fitting guide. Many Co-Motion dealers will prefer to assist you in the process of taking the needed measurements. Some also have additional fitting tools which they may choose to use to help you determine what is needed to get you fitted properly.

The attached pdf form can be printed out to complete at your convenience, or you can type right on the form on your computer screen. After you’ve completed the form, you can print it out and take it to your dealer, to be submited with your order.