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S&S Couplers

Introduced in 1993, the S+S Machine Bicycle Torque Coupling forever changed the image of travel bikes, making possible true high performance bicycles that can be packed for travel quickly and easily in airline-checkable luggage. Our expert integration of the S+S Couplings will make you forget that the couplings are there, until it’s time to pack up your bike and go!

Since launching our Co-Motion Co-Pilot Project in 1994 we have made S+S Couplings available on nearly any Cro-Moly steel Co-Motion tandem or single. Just say, “Co-Pilot” and we’ll make your Co-Motion into a world-class travel bike.

A close look at the elegant S+S Coupling reveals the engineering that allows the system to work so perfectly. Interlocking tapered teeth are drawn together by a threaded lockring. Incredibly, a well-made BTC-equipped bi-cycle frame is measurably stronger than an identical frame without couplings.

Co-Motion Cycles uses only hardened 17-4 stainless steel S+S Couplings painstakingly silver-brazed into our specially-designed frame tubes. We don’t take shortcuts like weld-on couplings made from lower-grade material to reduce cost. The original S+S Couplings assure a lifetime of flawless and corrosion-free operation. We know that once you own a Co-Pilot, you’ll want to keep it forever.

A simple hook spanner, included with your Co-Pilot, is all that is required to loosen or fasten the threaded BTC nut.

All Co-Motion coupler-equipped framesets include quick-release cable splitters to facilitate fast assembly and disassembly. Splitters install on both derailleur cables and the rear brake cable.


Watch this movie to help you pack your S&S coupler equipped single bike. Single Packing Video.

Naturally, the best reason to own a Co-Pilot is that you never have to leave your passion for cycling behind when you travel. Your Co-Pilot checks on as regular luggage, saving you money and hassles each time you travel. Best of all, you’ll maintain your fitness and your chosen recreation while the world becomes your cycling playground. When you choose the Co-Pilot option, we’ll include coupler-integration in our specifically designed Co-Pilot Project Tubing. Couplers are located for ease of frame packing.

Packing Single Bikes

Packing your Co-Motion travel bike is simple, and you don’t have to be a mechanical ace to do it right. In fact, the only unusual part on our travel bikes is the S+S BTC. Cordura nylon padded sleeves with a Velcro backing protect your frame inside its case.


Watch this movie to help you pack your S&S coupler equipped tandem bike. Tandem Packing Video.

Co-Motion blazed a new trail for travel tandems with a brilliant Six-Coupling system. Since the Co-Pilot Option tandem frames separate into 3 equally sized sections, the ultimate in packability is maintained while tandem assembly and disassembly is intelligently simplified. For example, there are no separate tubes to lose or accidentally assemble out of sequence. Another significant advantage is that there is no need to remove the fork. Plus, we strategically locate our couplings for unimpeded wrench access without knuckle-bashing interference from the chainrings. Our competitors simply overlook these details that make your packing job easier.

No tandem maker is more thorough than Co-Motion when it comes to engineering the location of the couplings for optimum frame strength. Each coupling is fully supported where it is integrated into the butted section of our exclusive zonally-butted tandem tubing. Our large diameter bottom tube is oval at both ends and round where it joins just one large S+S Coupling. This design provides the known structural benefit of a single oversized tube as well as lighter weight and the logical simplicity and ease of handling fewer parts. And yes, the round S+S Coupling is superior to the “oval coupler” offered by another manufacturer.

Whether you’re thinking of the Co-Pilot option for your new Primera, Mocha, Speedster or Supremo, be prepared for a pleasant surprise. The performance of the couplers is so impressive; you may end up sidelining the tandem you’re riding now.


Don’t worry! Packing a genuine Co-Pilot tandem takes less time than little-wheeled folding tandems. Our three-section design and easy-access couplers keep your packing job trouble-free.

Packing Tandem


Please Note: Most airlines stipulate a limit of 62 linear inches for “checkable” luggage. Linear inches are the sum of the luggage’s length, width, and height. The luggage we offer for our Co-Pilot bicyles is 62 linear inches or less. The Hybrid Case measures 26"x26"x10”, equaling 62 linear inches.

Many other brands of travel bicycles and cases that are now being marketed as airline checkable actually exceeed this 62 linear inch lugggage limitation. Larger luggage is subject to extra airline surcharges.

Hybrid case weight is 17 pounds

We designed our Co-Pilot Hybrid Case with everything we’ve ever wanted in a travel case, and it comes with our highest recommendation. Since its introduction in 2006, the Hybrid Case has far surpassed our expectations for ruggedness, its user-friendly design and its ability to protect your precious cargo. In fact, we see no reason to offer any other case. With a tough nylon fabric shell and ballistic corner reinforcements, it’s got protective panels to keep your bike safe. We fitted it with larger smooth-rolling urethane wheels and a hidden telescoping Pullman handle to make toting your bike around long airport causeways much easier. This case rolls so nicely you can toss your other bag on to roll along with it. For added security, webbing straps surround the bag’s contents, and heavy-duty zippers keep everything neatly enclosed.
Compression straps and heavy duty zippers make travel safe and easy. (26"x26"x10”=62 linear inches)