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Shown in Sunrise Pearl with stainless steel dropouts, Thudbuster stoker seatpost and Max-Adjust stoker stem

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  • MSRP - $5595.00

    *Price of bike pictured may vary due to included options.

    Find out what’s out there beyond the asphalt grid when you take a Java into the wilder parts of the globe. This great-fitting tandem with big tires can also perform a more civilized role with a more conventionally-sized 700x32mm or larger tire.


    • Co-Motion-design super-sized zonally-butted cro-moly tubing.
    •This 29”-wheeled Java can take on the toughest terrain in all conditions
    • Rack and fender mounts standard
    • Co-Motion exclusive zonally-butted steel tubing
    • Dual disc brakes and Shimano Ultegra Kit

    • Hand built Velocity Cliffhanger/DT Swiss 540 wheels

    Java Specifications

  • Frame: Co-Motion-design super-sized zonally-butted cro-moly tubing
  • Fork: Co-Motion Taper Gauge w/ CNC Tandem Steerer
  • Derailleurs/Shifters: Shimano Ultgera 6703 Triple STI & front der, XT wide-range rear der.
  • Brakes: Avid BB7 w/ 200mm Rotor
  • Headset: Chris King
  • Drivetrain: FSA Gossamer Tandem cranks; 11-34t 10spd cassette
  • Cockpit: FSA Gossamer captain bar & stem; Co-Motion Stoker bar & stem
  • Saddle/Post: Selle Italia Nekkar & Lady Flow; Co-Motion 29.8
  • Wheels: Velocity Cliffhanger Rims; DT Swiss DT540 Tandem Hubs
  • Tires: Geax AKA 29x2.0"
  • Geometery

    Frame Size50 x36cm54 x 42cm
    Front Seat Tube C-T (cm)5054
    Rear Seat Tube C-T (cm)3642
    Front Top Tube Length (cm)54.558
    Rear Top Tube Length (cm)72.472.4
    Head Tube Angle70°71°
    Fork Rake (mm)5555
    Front Seat Tube Angle74°73°
    Rear Seat Tube Angle74°73°
    Top Tube Angle10.5°9.5°
    Head Tube length (mm)145165
    Chainstay Length (cm)46.646.6
    BB Height (cm)29.429.4
    BB drop (mm)7272
    Standover Height, front (cm)78.181.9
    Standover Height, rear (cm)64.669.4
    Wheelbase (cm)180.3181.9
    Fork Span (mm)418418

    Java Configurator

    Total $

    Opaque PPG Global System Paint Options

    Also known as non-metallic, or solid colors. Strong rich colors for a traditional look.

    Metallic And Mica PPG Global System Paints

    Tiny metallic or mica particles reflect light and add showroom depth and shine.


    House of Kolor Pearlescent Paint Options

    Pearl or opalescent particles in the paint add subtle beauty and a distinctive look to your Co-Motion’s finish.


    Gear Ratios




    • By NicholasDoyle on Saturday July 13th, 2013 at 11:23am

      Java Tandem.
      I love riding this bike. The Java is a rock solid tandem. It combines lightness and stiffness, making for a well mannered relaxing ride. This bike really enjoys forest trails and old railroad grades but it’s also well suited to riding on roads. The tandems only significant drawback is a rather tall gearing ratio -better suited for road use than for off roading.
      Initial Impressions
      First impression of the Java was the tires- they were downright intimidating. As a roadie used to riding ‘skinnies’ these were from the other side of the street. However on soft ground they really come into their own, although when riding up the east end of Iron Horse Trial (WA) I wished they were even wider.
      Second impression was the paint job- which really is stunning (I’d gone with metallic black fading to champagne. The paint jobs so good that rather than ride the bike you’ll want to hang it on the wall. Unfortunately the option of stainless steel dropouts wasn’t available last year. Wheel removal and replacement soon marred the paint job on the dropouts normally I’d have shrugged it off but with the quality of the paint work it felt like I’d taken a box cutter to the Mona Lisa. If buying a new tandem definitely I’d ask about stainless steel dropouts or even if they do chrome plated ones.
      Riding (on road); the bike felt solid with not a hint of frame flex, even under extreme loading (hauling up a 15% uphill gradient while pulling a 120lb buggy) this would normally generate noticeable flex- this frame was different- it’s probably the stiffest frame I’ve ever ridden.
      Riding (off road): For forest roads, old railway grades and tracks this bike is a perfect fit. It handles well and the 29’ers help smooth out the ruts and pockets. Having ridden the same routes on a less capable tandem the difference in handling was dramatic, what had been stress ridden white knuckle rides turned into pleasant morning excursions. The bike generates a feeling of confidence, whatever you want to do it’s ready to step up to the plate, it’s got a forgiving nature and will follow your lead; possibly not as responsive as the Speedster, but it definitely makes for a relaxed enjoyable ride. The only things I’d wish for is lower gearing (we replaced the 30 tooth granny ring with a 26), Typically we’re pulling a 120lb buggy and, being ‘50 somethings’, we needed the lower gearing. If I was buying a new bike this is something I’d discuss with Co-Motion
      The stoker cockpit is roomy, almost too roomy, my wife needed an extended stem tube, taller riders won’t find this a problem. Also the rear seat tube is short, my wife is 5 ‘-4” and she has the saddle raised to near its maximum height. The upside of this is it makes it very easy for the stoker to step into the rear cockpit.
      With Shimano hybrid SPD pedals, Thudbuster (which I’d highly recommend), rear and front Tubus panniers, the bike weighed in at 51 lb; light enough that I could lift it onto the bike rack without my back whimpering.
      The tires didn’t feel too bad for rolling resistance, but you could definitely tell they were knobblies (they make a distinct hum on asphalt). Steering wasn’t as certain as on the Speedster, partly due to the big 2.2” tires. Riding the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s we switched tires to 700C 32s. This sharpened up the handling significantly and cut down the rolling resistance. As an aside, with road tires on this bike is nimble, it’d be able to go head to head with the Speedster-it might not win, but it wouldn’t lose by much. Wide as the tires are, there’s been times we wished they were even wider, we ride our tandem heavily loaded and many trails have soft gravel on them.
      I’ve been really pleased with our Gates carbon timing belt (the tandem has a conventional drive chain). The Gates belt has proved excellent at shrugging off sage brush, tumble weeds and other debris which was managing to clog up the drive chain. It feels liquid smooth with no power loss and with zero maintenance its been great!
      Kick stands tend to rouse strong emotions, I’ll admit I wouldn’t be seen dead with a kick stand on my singleton, but tandems are different; kick stands are insanely useful and really save the paintwork; also if you’re pulling a buggy they’re a must. Unfortunately the bike is not compatible with the Pletscher kick stand (a center stand), the brake and gear cables are routed under the rear bottom bracket where the stand would mount. This really is a pity, given the length of the tandem, side kick stands just don’t work well. We tried the Tubus front wheel kick stand- it was like balancing a pencil on it’s point! I’d encourage the guys at Co-Motion to see if an adapter or fitting could be engineered to overcome this problem so a Pletscher could be fitted, not everyone likes laying their beautiful paint job on the gravel.

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    Options for your Co-Motion Java


    Pathfinder Package

    Thudbuster Seatpost Upgrade

    Nickel Headtube Badge

    Frame Padding Kit

    Tubus Tara Front Rack

    Tubus Logo EVO 29er Rear Rack

    Co-Pilot Travel Case (2 Cases)

    Stainless Steel Dropouts, Front & Rear


    Make your Java airline-checkable by adding couplers to your frame. Option does not include travel cases or padding kits, sold separately.

    • Price - $1350

    Pathfinder Package

    Light up your pathway and get off the grid with the Schmidt SON generator hub, Schmidt Edelux high-powered headlight, and The Plug USB port to charge your GPS, Smart phone or other devices.

    • Price - $595

    Thudbuster Seatpost Upgrade

    Give your stoker a smoother ride

    • Price - $140

    Nickel Headtube Badge

    A touch of classic elegance.

    • Price - $20

    Frame Padding Kit

    The full tandem padding kit covers every painted part of your frame.

    • Price - $139

    Tubus Tara Front Rack

    The best low-rider front rack available.

    • Price - $120

    Tubus Logo EVO 29er Rear Rack

    Outstanding load-carrying capability, rigidity and strength.

    • Price - $150

    Co-Pilot Travel Case (2 Cases)

    Designed to protect your Co-Pilot frame and travel with ease. You'll need two for your tandem.

    • Price - $790

    Stainless Steel Dropouts, Front & Rear

    Our polished 17-4 stainless steel dropouts add beauty and longevity to your frame.

    • Price - $295